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About Us

The Office Lounge has been in business for almost fifty years. It was first opened by Bob Snoddy in the early seventies. It was sold to a trio of local characters by the names of- Joe Roman, Bill Vance and Jack Uselton. I bought one half the business and was partners with Joe Roman for about eleven years. I then took in a new partner by the name of Dan Harper. I bought him out in about 1997 and have owned it exclusively since. I have had the great privilege of knowing many characters down through the years including professional athletes, actors, musicians, locals etc.. My son-in-law, Scott Misheikis, is the general manager and has been for several years. He has taken the load of work off my shoulders. I couldn’t make it without his hard work. The Office Lounge & Liquor Store prides itself on selling great food at reasonable prices. We also operate a Liquor Store on premise. The only one around I believe. We also have an ATM with really lows fees (fifty cents per transaction). We also have pool tables, seven TV’s, Karaoke every Friday and Saturday night beginning at 10 PM., and Texas Holdem’ on Monday and Thursday evenings. We sell something else but state law prohibits me from talking about outside the bar, but it’s a lot of fun. During the Coronavirus outbreak, we have had the opportunity to build new restrooms, install new carpet and paint most of the inside of the building.  Come visit us and you will become part of the family.

-Larry Arthur, Owner

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